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Joan V. (Manufacturing)

Our company has been with Wasatch Payroll for a few years now and they do a great job.  Our payroll has run smoothly and on time.  They handle our 401K, insurance and tax deductions efficiently.  They also enter holiday, sick leave and vacation information for each employee.  At the startup, they worked with each employee on how to access the web to get their personal payroll information.  When there are any questions, they are easily accessible and happy to help.  We would definitely recommend Wasatch Payroll to anyone looking for outside payroll services.

Jeff W. (Real Estate)

Can't recommend Wasatch Payroll enough! They know their stuff! Great communication, always able to adapt to our ever changing payroll and always do it with top notch customer service! Highly recommended!

Tina G. (Property Management)

Professional, communicative, helpful... we appreciate the service.

Woody's Hardwood Flooring

Always very helpful! Whenever I have questions, or when I need specific information from them, they get back to us very quickly. Always get our payroll done on time. No complaints!

Bart H. (Marketing)

Our move from Eide Bailly to WASATCH PAYROLL has proven to be very beneficial for Freedom Mailing Service. The staff has been very helpful, professional and patient with our payroll process. I would highly recommend them for their services. They are quick, meticulous and friendly.
Bart H.
President & CEO

Tony C. (Entrepreneur)

Excellent full service payroll company with flexible options, responsive and knowledgeable staff that go beyond the call of duty, excellent features, and competitive pricing. Highly recommend.

Rod and Lisa H. (Construction)

We use Wasatch Payroll and have loved their services! They are honest and quick to respond when I have a question. I highly recommend them!

Netanya T. (Sales)

Easy to work with, quick responses, nothing but good things to say!

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