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Single Member LLC or S Corp

Monthly or Semi-Monthly Payroll Processing

Direct Deposit or Check

Electronic Submission of All Tax Liabilities

Electronic Filing of all Quarterly Tax Filings (Federal, State, WFS)

Electronic Filing of All Annual Tax Filings (W-2, W-3, 944, TC-941R)

Online Portal to View Payroll Information

Small Business Payroll Solutions

Payroll Processing on Your Time-Frame (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly)

Direct Deposit or Physical Check

New Hire Report Filing

Electronic Submission of All Tax Liabilities with the payroll. No Hassle Tax Payments

Quarterly and Annual Tax Filings (W-2, W-3, 941, 940, State tax forms)


Fully Customized Payroll Solutions

We can customize a payroll solutions that meets your needs. It will encompass all of the features of our other plans but can also include:

Multiple Customized Payroll Schedules

Tracking PTO or Sick Time

Retirement Contributions

MSA or HSA contributions

Filing in Multiple States

Flat Monthly Fee

Custom Benefits that you need to attract a retain key employees. Let us help you craft a plan to help your business grow and succeed. 

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